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I was going through my list to clean it out since there's a ton of stuff on it and I had commented that I owned volume 1 of Monster Force. Guess what popped on my list - the Luke Talbot action figure! Once upon a time I had one but he got lost at some point
I had him, Doc Crawly, and Lance

man that brings back memories.. [I'm vaguely disappointed we never got a figure for Shelly, the only female member of the team]
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- current status of Danse

have a Goliath and one for Monster Force in the works, plus the Dragon Flyz/Sky Dancers that I'm working on. I'll upload those later

edit: because you can't have a Hologram ally without a Misfit lurking around:
(with matching icon:
(and the icon to go with it -
and the current status - (doing this one in stages)

Dragon Flyz haven't been touched since the last updated entry so no shares there
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It was just a small box - nothing flashy, easily overlooked. But the contents hidden within - the small box held such hope, such promise. He glanced at the box in his hand, the one that would seal his fate from now until the day he died. He quietly walked over to her, settling down next to her. "Hey," he murmured softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I got you something."

"Oh?" she answered, tilting her head to look at him.

He offered the small box, trying to not as nervous as he felt. A silent prayer escaped him as he waited to see her reaction of the contents.

She opened it slowly, her eyes widening in surprise before she glanced at him. "Is this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Will.. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked.

She studied the ring before sliding it on. "If you will be my husband, then I will be your wife," she answered, a smile crossing her features.

He let out a cry of delight and kissed her deeply.
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It was a small cut, a tiny gash, three crimsoning line marring the soft flesh of her cheek, but it was more then enough for the man hidden within the beast to weep. He had harmed the only one to show him compassion, the only one who had seen him as more then a beast.

Lise reached over, her small hand resting on his hand. "Luke," she murmured sofly. "I'm all right," she said. She knew it hadn't been his fault - wrong place, wrong time on her end. "I'm all right. Besides," she added lightly, "the scar adds character."

Luke blinked his eyes that were slowly returning to their golden lupine nature as he slowly regained control of his curse. He was silent for a long moment before pulling her close to him. He trembled as he held her.

Lise said nothing, just let him hold her. Silently, she made a vow that she would hunt down that cure and free him. She gently stroked his hair and smiled up at him. "Well, I suppose now would be a good time to say that I booked us tickets to the States," she said softly. "I heard there's a doctor that might be able to help. A Doctor Reed Crawley."
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Shelly watched, eyes wide with horror, as the werewolf picked up and threw Lise. She snapped out of her shell-shock and tried to hurry, to beat the girl before she hit the wall. She was just a hair's breadth of pulling it off but she had been a moment too slow. She knelt down, hurriedly dismissing her EMACS and quickly began to examine the girl. Damn, she had been expecting many things - but this was quite a different thing. She hadn't expected Luke to be the one..

Lise's eyes opened slowly and she winced slightly. She reached up, trying to reach for Luke.

The red gleam faded from his eyes and he made his way over. He knelt down, touching her hair gently. "I'm here, I'm here," he whispered, trying to get her to focus on something other then the pain.

Lise smiled faintly at him. "Next time," she breathed. "Throw me at pillows. They hurt less." She winced as she tried to laugh.

"Only you would find something humorous about this," Luke sighed, carefully picking her up gently and carrying her back to the ship to get proper treatement.
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Shelly tilted her head as she watched the only other female member on the team, glance at the ladder, and walked around it. "Wouldn't it have been easier to walk under the ladder?" she asked.

Lise's eyes widened in shock. "Most certainly not," she answered, clearly stunned that Shelly would even dream of having her walk under it. Didn't she know..

"You do realize that's just an old..." Shelly started before the bucket of paint that had been perched on the edge came tumbling down, exploding as soon as it hit the ground - white paint splattering everywhere.

The sound of boots scrambling down the ladder alerted the girls to someone else being there. "You two okay?" Luke asked, flushing a red at noticing who he nearly covered in paint.

"We're fine," Shelly said. "What happened?"

"I forgot where I put the can and when I stepped back," Luke said, ducking his head.

"Still think it's a silly superstition?" Lise asked.

"I'll give you that one," Shelly said.


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