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digging the friendship between Jetta and Roxy
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Jan. 26th, 2017 08:49 am
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new Jem comic up


Jan. 25th, 2017 09:45 am
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I love the cover of Misfits #4 - Roxy and Jetta are adorable - and Jem looks lovely (why can't she be this pretty in the interior art..?)
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Kimber was the one that wrote the music for the Holograms, right? ::mildly plotting something for my Sims4 game::

dear brain

Nov. 10th, 2016 04:51 pm
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I don't care how much you like "Straight On" from Strange Magic - that is no reason to suddenly picture Riot singing the role of the Bog King simply because you decided that since his real last name is Welsh, that he would have a Welsh accent (yes, I realize the person singing it is Scottish. My brain is just ignoring that at the moment) and definitely slips into using Welsh when he's either tired, amongst family (which also consists of his two bandmates besides his bloodkin) or pissed off

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it would be my luck that the first Sim I kill in my multi-fandom neighborhood would be Rory [Riot] ::facepalm:: Somehow he caught fire and I couldn't get Shana close enough to put him out and the fireman couldn't get close either ::sigh::

::saves this as the back-up:: default still has him alive [but I think without his daughter ::sigh::]
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okay - family trees
Brothers - Keldor, Randor
Keldor marries a young woman named Lilla and has a daughter named Neferure [yes, I was looking at a book on ancient women when I was naming her]
Randor marries Marlena and has Adam and Adora
Duncan has a love affair with Jean [because I forgot to rename her Teela-Na] and has two daughters, Teela and Ilona
Adam falls in love with Ilona and has two sets of twins and a single by her, Dare and Ry [set 1], Thais and James [set 2], Cole [Cole was via a trip to the past]
Dare goes to a prep school, James to an art school, Ry and Cole go to a military academy, and Thais goes to a school for peace and love
Adora falls in love with Kyle [aka Bow] and thus far has a son by him, Skylar [which is the explanation for the Sky Dancers tag]
Teela thus far is single

over in a different part of the neighborhood -
Kimber Benton fell in love and married Mary Phillips [Stormer] - no kids *yet* and they have a little girl named Skyla [and there's the Jem tag] (so, that will lead to Skylar and Skyla eventually meeting and getting married)

now, to figure out who Skylar's cousins are going to fall in love with...

The game doesn't recognize family relations between Cole and Neferure so they're together [not married yet, just dating]

edit again:
crap, I killed Rory [Riot]. Somehow he caught on fire [didn't see the how - I was off managing Jerrica/Jem's singing jobs] and there was a table in the way so Shana couldn't put him out. RIP Rory. [at least until your widow gets the quest to revive you]
However, he did manage to toss me a daughter before he copped it. Enter Tamara from Jewel Riders.
Dare discovered Ingrid [Minx] and those two are chummy, while Ry.. Ry, I'm questioning your sanity at the moment. Phyllis [Pizzazz]. Out of all the females in this universe, you had to pick Pizzazz. Fine, sure, whatever. [I'm slightly curious as to what the kids will look like..]
Aja's happy with Craig [forgot to mention that earlier]
Tamara's off in art school.
Oh, and Dare was all "I wanna join the political career" - so I let him and nearly died of laughter when I saw who his boss was. Grandfather Randor! [I can just hear the cries of nepotism now..]
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no idea why but all of the sudden I got an itch to try and draw Kimber in the current comic style - not a blessed clue on this earth why this urge came upon me.

Now I have to hunt down reference pictures to try and make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

and then I need to find decent art references for a few EQ elves I want to sketch out.

...why did this have to come while I'm still hunting for a decent scanner...?


Jan. 22nd, 2016 01:18 pm
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so, went looking at the cover art for the IDW Jem series when I saw this issue:

replacing a canonical character with your original character as the leader of the Misfits? Really? Something about this annoys the crap out of me
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so, logged into one of the games I play on Facebook - Family Farm. New quest icon on the left side of the screen. Fine. Not like you've given us so many quests already. Went to the forum to get details on quest. Broke into giggles at seeing the name of the quest. "Jem the Gingerbread girl"

..I wonder if she's truly outrageous...
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went from this:
to this:

I may have to adjust the hair [it didn't look that bright a blond on my personal computer]
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- current status of Danse

have a Goliath and one for Monster Force in the works, plus the Dragon Flyz/Sky Dancers that I'm working on. I'll upload those later

edit: because you can't have a Hologram ally without a Misfit lurking around:
(with matching icon:
(and the icon to go with it -
and the current status - (doing this one in stages)

Dragon Flyz haven't been touched since the last updated entry so no shares there


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