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"It is a Rainbow bridge" Thor answers, not very helpfully, but he manages to silence his audience for all of ten seconds.

Pepper, smiling through her tears, is the first one to recover enough to talk. "I think they showed it in a cartoon I watched as a kid. Do you travel on the bridge via a magical horse called Starbright?"

"Well, we do often use animals much like your horses to traverse- I do not understand. Why are you all laughing?" - this particular exchange

"We should call ourselves the Rampaging Orphans rather than the Avengers?"

"My point is," Steve says, "we have a grand total of ten dead parents between us, and somehow all of us manage to fight evil every day without once being tempted to dress up like a bat."

Tony picks up the soldering iron again. "I'm not sure you're in any position to mock anybody else's costume choices," he says. "You never know--"
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so, the Rainbow Brite page I'm following is showing the old [read original concepts!] art for the gang - so much pretty!
And they're also sharing trivia facts [like Buddy Blue and Red Butler were originally girls! Blue Moon and Scarlet Rose respectively. I would have loved Blue Moon - she's absolutely precious! And Scarlet - I giggled like a loon with that one]
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so, Photobucket decided it was going to be a brat and not load. So, using the scrapbook for LJ to share these

rainbowfriends1 '80s Rainbow, Moonglow, Tickled Pink, Stormy

colorkids1c '80s Red, Lala, Canary, Patty, Shy, Buddy, Indigo
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aka - after I ink and scan them

-the Color Kids (yes! I was bored yesterday and sketched them while watching "The Black Hole". My mother's favorite is the Patty of the set)
-various head shots of Monster High ghouls


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