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::creates priest, names her Lunafreya:: no regrets XD (well, Lunafrëya, but whatever)
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so, playing WoW, waiting for the boat to come to take me to Northrend when I looked to see who else was there - and I promptly lost it. See, one of the titles you can earn is "The Kingslayer" when you kick the Lich King's ass (I think that's 10-Man raid?). And what happens to be the name of the person next to me waiting for it - "Jaime". So, I was next to Jaime the Kingslayer going to the North. I just about fell out of my chair from laughing.

edit: ah, yes 10 and 25 man normal raid dungeon gives you the title. 10 man and 25 man heroic gives you two different titles.
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blaming a certain someone ::cough::[ profile] ry_sabir::cough:: for reigniting the Star Wars bug - just pre-ordered a Star Wars art therapy coloring book [there was a really pretty teaser image of Leia and Padme which convinced me] and the soundtrack to episode 2 (and I'm totally up to scanning any of the images if anyone else wants to color them!)

for a grand total of .96 on my debit card - my brother had given my father a $100 amazon gift card, but I had the account so.. The total haul was the aforementioned Star Wars stuff, 2 digital game time cards for Warcraft, and a fairy coloring book which had some more pretty art. Kind of embarrassing to see a debit of .96 showing up on my next bank statement, but what can you do?
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Varian! <3 And all hail the Banshee Queen!

2 days after my birthday - I think I know what I want for a late birthday present from my parents <3 <3
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so blasted ready for this

new class - sign me up! And there's my baby Anduin, goodness he's in fine form now that he seems to be quite a bit older and less broken considering he had a bell fall on him in MoP ::fans:: shut up, I can crush on Stormwind's prince if I want. :P For the Alliance!

In a HAT!

Jul. 5th, 2014 12:33 am
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::snort giggle:: I love WoW some days..
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So, if you request a character from any fandom with which I'm familiar and match it with one of the scenarios, I'll write you a drabble. Gender is totally irrelevant. This is just to knock off a few rabbits, really

2. Runaway Royalty!AU - Peak [Stormy], Dragon Flyz [Anduin/Wrathion, World of Warcraft]. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
3. High School!AU
4. Superhero!AU
5. Childhood!AU
6. Rule 63!AU
7. Magic!AU
8. Vampire!AU
9. Werewolf!AU
10. Zombie!AU - Summit [Apex], Dragon Flyz [Jill, Chris, Resident Evil]. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta

12. Hooker!AU [or another of your choice since this is a big fat "wut" for me]
13. Royalty!AU - Dread/Peak [Stormy], Dragon Flyz [Anduin/Wrathion, Varian, Genn, World of Warcraft]. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta

16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU - Nora and Nocturna [Summit], Dragon Flyz. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta

18. Camp Counselors!AU - Z'neth and Apex, (Tommy & Lucy cameo), Dragon Flyz [Jason, Friday the 13th]. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
19. Met In Detention!AU

22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU
23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU - Arlans and Dram, Dragon Flyz. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
24. Mundane/Domestic!AU - Dread/Peak or Z'neth/Ilona, Dragon Flyz. Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
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all images came from here:

Linking to the album since there's over 400 icons [heavy bias towards Blood Elves, Draenai, Night Elves and Humans]

[edit: current count 618]
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AN: Inspired by listening to my father playing Warcraft last night.

Ilona wiped the blood off her face, glaring at her companion. "Really? I mean, really?" she asked. "A little warning before you go all slashing into the foe. You know it's a pain to clean the blood out of my robes," she huffed, glaring up at the Death Knight.

He glanced down at her, an impassive expression on his features. "Power word Shield doesn't work?" his voice doing the odd echo they all had.

Ilona glared at him. "No, Z'neth, it damn well doesn't. How many times have we discussed this?"

"Are you two done?" a human paladin asked. "We're never going to get anywhere at this rate."

"Tell your brother to look before he swings that sword next time," Ilona huffed.


Summit looked at Apex. "So, who gets the popcorn?" he asked quietly. It always was so amusing when the trio gamed.

Character classes (and the reasoning)

Ilona - human priest - since the class is dedicated to healing and since her day job is a healer...
Z'neth - human death knight - hero that fell in battle, turned evil, converts back to his prior alignment; both Peak and Ilona gave him the 'seriously?' look since he took that since it mirrored him [the whole Son of Dread] edit 5/16: maybe a worgen Death Knight instead [also plays on the whole Son of Dread thing]
Peak - human paladin - typical hero class

Joshua - human rogue. Seriously, can you see a council member playing anything else? He'll occasionally play if he has the time. Usually pesters the hell out of Z'neth [since Z'neth hasn't figured it out yet XD]
Aaron - possibly a human priest as well. An occasional player, filling in when needed. Also uses his flying mount that you get with the Loremasters'. That tipped his sons off right away.
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It was just a small box - nothing flashy, easily overlooked. But the contents hidden within - the small box held such hope, such promise. He glanced at the box in his hand, the one that would seal his fate from now until the day he died. He quietly walked over to her, settling down next to her. "Hey," he murmured softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I got you something."

"Oh?" she answered, tilting her head to look at him.

He offered the small box, trying to not as nervous as he felt. A silent prayer escaped him as he waited to see her reaction of the contents.

She opened it slowly, her eyes widening in surprise before she glanced at him. "Is this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Will.. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked.

She studied the ring before sliding it on. "If you will be my husband, then I will be your wife," she answered, a smile crossing her features.

He let out a cry of delight and kissed her deeply.


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