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Please.. Platinum.. <3 (Metal Men for the obscure win!)


May. 6th, 2017 07:14 pm
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so, got my free comics <3 Zelda, Monster High (looks like reboot movie'verse for the comics since Clawdeen shifts into a wolf), Superhero Girls, and Ladybug. I glanced at the Barbie one but it didn't catch my interest. The Descendants one was basically manga version of the first movie

(it was a nice deal - five free, if you spent ~$10 or more you got two more)
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My wants - Monster High - Disney Descendants - Ladybug - Superhero Girls - Barbie - Zelda


Feb. 21st, 2017 10:15 am
strongheartmaid: (ever after high) - please tell me that's a sign we're getting a dolly for her!!
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(I know, I know, not the Superhero Girls version but well, Frost is in Superhero Girls so.. besides my journal, my tag XD)
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I'll be posting the links I've found as well as the webisodes :D
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so, reading the visitors' post on the EAH page when I spotted someone asking EAH to do an episode for ..the daughter of Harley Quinn...? Lord, do you have your fandoms mixed up...
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I'm wondering if Star Sapphire is possibly one of the next to get a doll - I know she doesn't have a proper profile yet
but - I did watch an intriguing video earlier which had me wondering. It was for a trio of DIY Superhero Girl costumes - Hawkgirl (who has a profile), Frost (who also has a profile) and finally, Star Sapphire. Would be interesting either way - said video for those who want to watch it (I'm sure Hawkgirl could easily be genderswapped since you know, Hawkman)
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randomly went to the DC Superhero Girls official page - noticed that a select group of characters got profile pages:
Frost, Starfire (we knew she'd get one since she's got dolly coming), Hawkgirl, and ..Beast Boy. I'm wondering if he'll be our first male doll for the line. The four (plus Katana) scream our second wave dolls to me


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