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okay - family trees
Brothers - Keldor, Randor
Keldor marries a young woman named Lilla and has a daughter named Neferure [yes, I was looking at a book on ancient women when I was naming her]
Randor marries Marlena and has Adam and Adora
Duncan has a love affair with Jean [because I forgot to rename her Teela-Na] and has two daughters, Teela and Ilona
Adam falls in love with Ilona and has two sets of twins and a single by her, Dare and Ry [set 1], Thais and James [set 2], Cole [Cole was via a trip to the past]
Dare goes to a prep school, James to an art school, Ry and Cole go to a military academy, and Thais goes to a school for peace and love
Adora falls in love with Kyle [aka Bow] and thus far has a son by him, Skylar [which is the explanation for the Sky Dancers tag]
Teela thus far is single

over in a different part of the neighborhood -
Kimber Benton fell in love and married Mary Phillips [Stormer] - no kids *yet* and they have a little girl named Skyla [and there's the Jem tag] (so, that will lead to Skylar and Skyla eventually meeting and getting married)

now, to figure out who Skylar's cousins are going to fall in love with...

The game doesn't recognize family relations between Cole and Neferure so they're together [not married yet, just dating]

edit again:
crap, I killed Rory [Riot]. Somehow he caught on fire [didn't see the how - I was off managing Jerrica/Jem's singing jobs] and there was a table in the way so Shana couldn't put him out. RIP Rory. [at least until your widow gets the quest to revive you]
However, he did manage to toss me a daughter before he copped it. Enter Tamara from Jewel Riders.
Dare discovered Ingrid [Minx] and those two are chummy, while Ry.. Ry, I'm questioning your sanity at the moment. Phyllis [Pizzazz]. Out of all the females in this universe, you had to pick Pizzazz. Fine, sure, whatever. [I'm slightly curious as to what the kids will look like..]
Aja's happy with Craig [forgot to mention that earlier]
Tamara's off in art school.
Oh, and Dare was all "I wanna join the political career" - so I let him and nearly died of laughter when I saw who his boss was. Grandfather Randor! [I can just hear the cries of nepotism now..]

Happy dance

Aug. 7th, 2015 09:19 pm
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I just remembered I can adjust dates on the calendar for comm entries so I managed to finish doing the scheduled posts for my comm's group watches :D Now I don't have to worry about not getting the rest of August's episodes up on time! [Especially since there's the off chance I may spend a Saturday at Renfair...]

Then I can tackle September's when it gets closer and then the October mini-marathon and then back to the regularly scheduled programming. W00t! This makes my life so much easier!
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- current status of Danse

have a Goliath and one for Monster Force in the works, plus the Dragon Flyz/Sky Dancers that I'm working on. I'll upload those later

edit: because you can't have a Hologram ally without a Misfit lurking around:
(with matching icon:
(and the icon to go with it -
and the current status - (doing this one in stages)

Dragon Flyz haven't been touched since the last updated entry so no shares there

hand edits

Jun. 28th, 2015 10:07 pm
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I know, something different
- current status of Sky Dancer'ed Apex
- and Ilona (as she appears in Sky Dancers/Dragon Flyz crossover, complete with her wings!)
- this bundle of mess is me trying to work out the placement of mutant parts on Z. This may be a disaster in the making.
- okay, this one may need some background so wander over yonder for background (Z ended up as the half skeleton as a nod to Dark Wing/Attor)
- and Z as Skyler's heir with green hair streak.
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Prompts from here:

1.All I want for Christmas is you.
2.Any New Year’s resolutions?

4.Did you light the menorah?
5.Do you have a New Year’s kiss?
6.Do you know the real meaning of Christmas?
7.Happy New Year!
8.Happy Thanksgiving, _____!
9.Here’s my Christmas list; items numbered one through ten are my top picks. - Dread's kid or baby Flyz [Aaron, mentions of Peak, Orak, Summit, Iranda, Z'neth, Apex, Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
10.I didn’t know you celebrate Hanukkah.
11.I don’t celebrate Christmas.
12.I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

14.I hate Christmas.
15.I hate the cold. - any or all mutants [Gangryn, Fryte, Nocturna, Dread, Attor, Ilona (the lone non-mutant!) Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
16.I have plans for Thanksgiving; I’m serving food at a homeless shelter.

18.Is that a dreidel? Why do you have a dreidel?
19.It’s Christmas time!
20.It’s cold outside.

22.It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

24.Look, we’re under the mistletoe. - Skyla/Skylar [Skyhawk, Skyclone, The Tinker, Sky Dancers] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
25.Merry Christmas, _____!
26.My New Year’s resolution is to make you fall for me by the end of the year.

28.Thanksgiving is American, therefore I have no reason to celebrate.

30.There’s a food drive I’m working at.
31.What do you want for Christmas?
32.Will you kiss me at midnight?
33.You belong on the naughty list.
34.You belong on the nice list.
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The usual - fandom/character. Your choice of three tables since so many lovelies...

Prince of Persia )

Thor )

Thor: The Dark World )
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The usual - fandom/character. Your choice of three tables since so many lovelies...

Prince of Persia )

Thor )

Thor: The Dark World )
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of course, not sure on the colors
- borrowing from Grandmother Skyla
- his canonical colors
- borrowing from Grandfather Skylar
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- a very much in progress. You can see where I blocked in Peak's skin tone. Debating on the uniform color - stick with canon or borrow from his grandmother, Skyla?
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so, after discussing with [ profile] lovelykitta the idea of the Arlans somehow being related to Skyla/Skyler [Iranda was their daughter, right?], I had the brilliant idea of doing Z as Skyler/Skyla's heir since like Skyler, he's got an unusual hair color. Of course, there in lies my problem - I can't decided which color works:
- his default white
- going green like his grandfather when he enters the Wingdom
- going blue when he enters the Wingdom

hand edits

Jun. 18th, 2015 10:08 pm
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- yay, finished
and because I'm insane..
- Z as Skyler's heir. Fussing with his hair like whoa!
strongheartmaid: (elfquest) - moving right along with Inoxia - well, Dread looks /interesting/ as a human leads to this one - or my excuse to have Ilona in a dress since Iranda gets to wear one in canon. Undecided with the straps - Snare, why you hate me? Can I call this a failure and just not bother continuing with this particular version? I do have two other images I can play with... - almost done! Just need to dress him!

[somehow an image didn't show the last time so links only on this attempt. Bleh.]
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okay, brain, stop drawing parallels between Sky Dancers and Dragon Flyz.. So, Skyler has a staff with a gemstone [like Aaron] and he goes "missing" [like Iranda] That does not mean you're supposed to try and link the two

Not even sure how that would work anyway [with Iranda becoming Skyla or somehow Aaron/Skyler are linked and just stop brain, please!]
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- current status of Apex/Inoxia. May have to fight her hair again

- different version of Ilona, glancing up this time

- Snare is fighting me..

- gargoyle Z. Just need to figure out clothing and take a look at the wings to make sure I color them correctly
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because it dawned me after the fact that "Jade" is way too young for Z'neth
or only difference is the lashes. Couldn't decide if they should be a dark purple or black
started some pencil lines for mutant version of Apex
and where I decide I'm a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic because of the level of detail this is going to require. What the hell was I thinking ::facepalm::
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- version with the wings.
- Pet penciled in
and - not quite sure on the skin tone. Meh.
Aaron, finished! I do have an alternate version with a different shade for the skin tone [merely because colors are darker on my computer for whatever reason] [the alternate with just the different skin tone]
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finished! Streaks are the colors of her family [brown for Aaron, blue for Z, orange for Peak, purple for Apex, green for Summit]

- not much to say here, just added more pencil lines


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