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Apparently, when it comes to arting recently, I've discovered I have the attention span of a hamster. What I hit, minimum of three different fandoms?
Attention span of a hamster )
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Ilona settled down at the table, pausing a moment at it being eeriely quiet. Wait, where were the others? she thought, rising slowly to go look for one of the others. She pushed open one of the doors before slamming it shut - nope, not there, she thought, her cheeks tinted a vivid rose at catching two of the other muses going at it like rabbits. She placed a 'do not disturb' sign on the door and backed away, shuddering. Note to self, she thought, avoid the Ronins wing for a while.

She continued on, clearly curious as to where the others had.. Well, she wondered if this is what insanity felt like as she stared, dumbstruck by a ..was that a my little pony version of Dram? She buried her face in her hand and groaned. "She's sick, isn't she?" she asked slowly.

Z'neth shot his wife a tired look. "Considering she has Dram as a My Little Pony, Nora with the Lovelylocks pixietails following her which comes complete with Peak being trapped as a dog.."

"I don't think I want to know anymore," she whimpered. "Why does the insanity always happen like that when she gets sick?"

Z'neth shrugged his shoulders. "It happens even when she's not sick or should I point out the Rise of the Guardians crossover she's slammed us in."
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AN: sister to Prompt: Lost

Seiji wiped the sweat off his forehead as he continued his trek. There was a familiar pull - as if something hidden deep within these forgotten woods held answers to questions he didn't even know he had been looking to answer. He paused again, hearing the sound of movement coming from the clearing ahead of him. He paused at the enterence of the clearing - his icy violet eyes taking in the sight. The village had clearly been destroyed, but there was still a sign of life. He approached slowly, his hand slipping to the dagger he carried with him.

Sachiko was settled before a small grave, her hands clasped in prayer. Her blue eyes were closed as she silently prayed for those that had fallen in the attack on the village so many years ago. She paused upon sensing someone approaching and she quickly whipped around. A small smile crossed her features as she looked up at the blond tressed man. "So it seems that once again you found me," she said.

Seiji felt himself boggle - this, but, he shook his head, clearing it. Now was not the time to contemplate on how she had been a small child the last time he saw her and how she was clearly a woman his age now. (He'd save that headache for Touma to puzzle out - Touma always did enjoy a good puzzle). "Yes," he said finally. "It would seem I have."

Sachiko glanced up and noted the kanji for Rei burning bright on his forehead. So, her instincts had been right as a child - this was Korin. She nodded once and quietly moved her hands to mimic cupping something. "Ga su Jinsu Reke hongan zo; Jin ze nu Reke Jin so za; Gi ze nu Reke Gi so ze; Rei ze nu Regur Rei so za; Chi ze nu Reke Chi so ze; Shin ze nu Reke Shin so za; Dara zen Dum!" she murmured softly, allowing the magic to course through her and form a simple orb with the kanji for Rei. Silently, she offered it up to Seiji.

Seiji paused, unsure for a moment before he nodded. He slowly reached over and allowed his fingers to gently brush the orb before he gently fished it out of her dainty hands.
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Minako slipped behing Arago, wrapping her arms around his waist, resting her head against his shoulder. She said nothing for a long moment, not wanting to disrupt the rare moment of peace that descended on the couple. It had been a long day for the pair of them - her dealing with the ladies of the newly formed court and his dealing with the lords and other nobles from the territories in the Youjakai that he managed to conquer. Her sea green eyes drifted over his form and she smiled, yes, they had truly earned this fragile moment of peace. She allowed her hands to drift upwards, reaching for his helmet and carefully removing it. She set it aside, next to the golden throne his father had gifted him as a wedding present (although, gifted was an interesting word - considering that their union had been frowned upon by his father, but then Arago didn't care that she was not trained to be a noblewoman or that she didn't hold her tongue or simper as most would have expected, and so defied his father - causing a war, which, she was proud to note that Arago won). "What are you thinking about?" she asked finally.

"You," Arago said softly, turning so he could gaze down at his young wife's face. He ran a hand down her soft sea green tresses, studying her. "Of you only." He'd move the stars for her if he had to, anything to make her happy. He pulled her close, holding her tightly, almost afraid to let her go. He nearly lost her once - he did not want to lose her again (through only the grace of her guardian, Rajura, did she survive the night that had sought to steal her from him). Soon, as soon as that barrier that held him back from his ultimate prize was gone - he'd set about finishing what he started. After all, a woman such as her deserved only the best - and the best would be the rule over the mortal realm.

Minako hmm'ed and smiled up at him. "I love you, Arago," she said softly.

"And I you, my wife," he said, bending down to capture her lips.
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It was just a small box - nothing flashy, easily overlooked. But the contents hidden within - the small box held such hope, such promise. He glanced at the box in his hand, the one that would seal his fate from now until the day he died. He quietly walked over to her, settling down next to her. "Hey," he murmured softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I got you something."

"Oh?" she answered, tilting her head to look at him.

He offered the small box, trying to not as nervous as he felt. A silent prayer escaped him as he waited to see her reaction of the contents.

She opened it slowly, her eyes widening in surprise before she glanced at him. "Is this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Will.. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked.

She studied the ring before sliding it on. "If you will be my husband, then I will be your wife," she answered, a smile crossing her features.

He let out a cry of delight and kissed her deeply.
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Kayura settled down on the floor, a small girl sitting opposite her. She smiled softly and ruffled the younger girl's hair. "All right," she began. "Just like I showed you," she said, settling down to watch her little girl practice.

Sachiko gave a firm nod and concentrated on forming the watery orb in her hands. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to keep it in a small ball. However, it was just so hard to keep focused on the ball of water when she really wanted to be outside playing with her friends, especially Itachi-niichama and Sasuke-chan.

Of course, with that tiny lapse of concentration brought on by thinking about the Uchiha brothers, the water orb broke.

Kayura buried her face in her hand as it started to rain inside.

"Magic practice indoors? Seriously, Kayura?" Kakashi asked as he walked inside and spotted the impromptu monsoon. Well, there went a few paychecks to replace the furniture. Again.

Kayura flushed prettily and rubbed the back of her neck. "I didn't think she'd lose her train of thought."

"Daddy!" Sachiko cried, running over and hugging her father tightly.
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Sky settled down in a chair, tilting his head back so he could stare up at the ceiling of the room they were in. He glanced down at the sound of a chair being scraped backwards and someone dropping heavily into it. He lowered his gaze back and noted the newcomer to the room - now, where.. Oh, right, one of the /others/ - one of the currently active ones that was getting the oh so loving handling. "So, what she do to you?"

"What hasn't she done?" the male answered, his dark eyes studying the blond. "In a current thread she's running with a friend, she has me believing I'm a long deceased ancestor. And there's yet another where I'm a cat or a dragon. I swear, she's.."

"Insane?" Sky helpfully supplied for Sasuke. He blinked his blue eyes and offered a wearied smile to some of the others that slowly trooping in. "So, who brought the coffee?" he asked, nodding a greeting to one of the werewolves. Thank goodness that they didn't have to greet each other canine style - that would make things awkward as hell.

"I did," Ian said, laying it on the coffee table. "Rumor has it that a few new ones were coming."

"Maybe we should warn them that she puts us muses through interesting stories?" Seiji asked, sipping his coffee. It wasn't tea, but it'd do. He gave a two fingered wave to Scorpan. "Warning, I thought I heard talk that she's going to be visiting you lot soon."

Scorpan merely groaned. "Not again. Seriously?"

"Yep," Seiji answered. "And to make matters worse, it's an universal blending."

That earned a collective shudder from all the muses in the room - that was a sign of hideous things to come.

"What universe am I getting merged with?" he asked weakly.

"Mine, I think," Seiji answered. "I think I'm scheduled to be linked with you."

Scorpan groaned again.
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Kayura laughed softly as her disgruntled husband flopped onto the sofa, glaring up at the ceiling. "I take it that meeting your team was a diaster?" she asked, making her way over to him and curling up close. She laid her head on his shoulder and sneezed daintily. "Chalk?" she asked, brushing it off his hair.

"Who in Kami's name rigs it so a blackboard eraser drops on someone's head when they open a door?" he groused. Kakashi sighed quietly and pulled his wife closer to him. "Something tells me that these kids are going to be a handful."

Kayura chuckled quietly. "It sounds like Kushina has a wrong gendered double," she laughed.

Kakashi merely groaned. "I was trying not to remember that woman. How can one woman cause so much trouble?"

Kayura merely smiled a secret smile and said nothing.
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A small girl wandered the streets of Toyama, sniffling softly. Grandfather was going to be so upset with her if she didn't find him soon. She promised that she'd stay close to him but she had heard something, someone calling her so she had scampered off while he was busy deciding which flavour of tea he was going to get from that old tea shop that still sold tea leaves. (Grandfather refused to drink his tea using those modern tea mixes. He was a stickler for tradition - as one would be when one lived for nearly one thousand years as a guard, a guide, a protector for the mortal realm against the darkness known as Arago).

She stopped for a moment, hoping to get her bearings when she spotted him. The one that had been calling her. She bounded over to him and came to stop in front of him. She glanced up at him with wide blue eyes. "Korin?" she asked. "Will you help me?"

The young man paused for a moment, confused as to who Korin was, but after a moment of searching around him, gave up and decided she meant him. Seiji glanced down at the same girl, who reminded him of the young woman he had fallen in love with, only for her to disappear without a trace - just a vague promise that they would meet again. He smiled a half smile and gently ruffled her hair. "Of course, hime," he said softly, kneeling down to look at her. "Are you lost?" he asked.

She nodded. "I can't find Grandfather."

Seiji bent down and scooped her up, holding her close to him. "Where's the last place you remember seeing him?" he asked, wondering for a moment why this felt *right*. He refrained from dropping the child as he boggled when she told him the name of the tea shop - which was clear across town. How did a child that small wander that far without anyone noticing her? He sighed quietly and just began to walk, hoping to find her Grandfather before *his* noticed his absence - he didn't want to clean the dojo again.


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