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Pick a prompt, pick a fandom/character and away we shall go:

fluffy interactions:
+ They find a reason to hold hands or do it accidentally
+ Play fighting/teasing to annoy them coz its funny
+ Reassuring them when they get scared
+ the “you talk about me?” question
+ Poking each other for attention
+ “I’ll hug you first” competition
+ giving each other nicknames
+ Fighting over food
+ sharing food that the other’s taken a bite out of
+ food/pillow fights
+ board/video games - Tecna (Digit, tiny mention of Bloom) [Winx Club] Requested by [ profile] ry_sabir
+ “I’m looking after you because you’re ill and that’s that”
+ singing in a public place together - Tamara + mystery male of reader's choice [tiny appearance of Archie, Jewel Riders] Requested by [ profile] ry_sabir
+ When one talks about something they love
+ Bowling/movies/dancing/fort building
+ personal question/trivia/secrets
+ playful revenge
+ “I’ll show you my secret hobby/guilty pleasure” - Ilona and Miriam [Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] ry_sabir
+ deliberately holding hands (most likely leading to a confession)
+ “is this a date?” (Leads to confession)
+ close together in a tight space - Ilona/Z'neth (or Attor) [Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ flirting/winking
+ lingering touches and hugs/held gazes - especially effective if the reserved one is doing this
+ accidental love letter/confession in found diary - Nora and Amod [vague mention of Amod's older sisters, Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ sleeping in the same bed - Dread/Peak [Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ accidentally confessing they’d kiss the other/accidentally kissing the other
+ getting the other presents/doing stuff for the other
+ calling each other cute/attractive
+ waiting in the rain for the other at the meet up point
+ head on the other’s lap/shoulder
+ one ruffles the other’s hair
+ catching them doing something stupid/ being a dork
+ “let me read your book/ see your art/ listen to you play/sing”
+ taking photos together - Cifex/Apex [with assistance from Z'neth, Summit, Dram, Peak, and Aaron, Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ dressing the other one up/ terribly doing the other’s make up - Zarkan/Amod [Dragon Flyz] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ massage
+ fixing the other’s bedhead/ “there’s something on your face”
+ telling a story together about something they did
+ feeding each other
+ talking about anything from tv shows to why humans are alive - Ja-Kal and Nefer-Tina [Mummies Alive] Requested by [ profile] ry_sabir
+ visiting/calling/texting because they’re bored/to wish them happy birthday/Christmas - Fryte and Beachhead [Dragon Flyz. Tiny visit from GI Joe] Requested by [ profile] lovelykitta
+ getting them out of situations they predict the other will be uncomfortable in
+ telling each other about their quirks
+ going places together
+ pranking each other

Plans! Ha!

Oct. 4th, 2013 02:33 pm
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yeah - my icon list plan was shot down by the fact a friend twisted my very rubber arm into playing with Mummies Alive so been on an icon frenzy for that, then I discovered better quality episodes for The Real Ghostbusters [Hard Day's Knight and Ragnarok and Roll] and to top it off, I found a nice quality episode of Dinosaucers so ha! Why did I make a plan when I'm not going to stick to it
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edit: will be redoing this batch - found the German episode which was a better quality then the English version

That he was once a Pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world )

not going to lie - but I adore Rath's German voice a hell of a lot more then I liked his English voice
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It was just a small box - nothing flashy, easily overlooked. But the contents hidden within - the small box held such hope, such promise. He glanced at the box in his hand, the one that would seal his fate from now until the day he died. He quietly walked over to her, settling down next to her. "Hey," he murmured softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I got you something."

"Oh?" she answered, tilting her head to look at him.

He offered the small box, trying to not as nervous as he felt. A silent prayer escaped him as he waited to see her reaction of the contents.

She opened it slowly, her eyes widening in surprise before she glanced at him. "Is this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Will.. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked.

She studied the ring before sliding it on. "If you will be my husband, then I will be your wife," she answered, a smile crossing her features.

He let out a cry of delight and kissed her deeply.


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