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Nov. 10th, 2016 04:51 pm
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I don't care how much you like "Straight On" from Strange Magic - that is no reason to suddenly picture Riot singing the role of the Bog King simply because you decided that since his real last name is Welsh, that he would have a Welsh accent (yes, I realize the person singing it is Scottish. My brain is just ignoring that at the moment) and definitely slips into using Welsh when he's either tired, amongst family (which also consists of his two bandmates besides his bloodkin) or pissed off

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you know, the more I look at her dress (the one in brown), the more I think birdcage. I know, weird train of thought. So, I'm mentally making that the daughter of Jorinde/Joringel -
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castiel-knight-of-hell: Which half of your OTP starts Christmas morning by casually leaning in the kitchen doorway, reading a book, acting like they don’t know there’s mistletoe right above their head and which half walks past them while mumbling sleepily “Your book is upside down”

Just need to figure out which OTPs I'm going to tackle

edit: bouncing through fandoms (will be updating throughout the day)
Dragon Flyz:
Ilona/Z'neth - Ilona is definitely the one that walks past Z while mumbling sleepily "Your book is upside down" [there are days when she absolutely hates how much of a morning person he can be where as she needs a couple of cups of strong tea to even pass as human - of course, this gets neatly flipped on its head if he's been on duty]
Apex/Cifex - Apex is the one casually leaning in the kitchen doorway, reading a book, acting like they don't there's mistletoe above their head. She also makes sure there's a ton of mistletoe floating about the apartment she shares with Cifex [who totally misses the first few hints and has to get help from Apex's brothers to figure out what the deal with the plants is]
Peak/Nora - they flip-flop, depending on who's feeling more romantic on that particular occasion [although, Peak's the more likely suspect to be holding the upside down book]
Aaron/Iranda - she's the one that hung the plants so she knows where they are, he's the one with the book, she pretends to not see them (kids roll their eyes every year, with Summit swearing he'll never be like that)
Summit/Miriam [[ profile] ry_sabir's creation] - remember the bit about Summit swearing he'd never be like his parents, oh that boy lies like a rug! Not only is he the one that hangs the plants about their shared apartment, but he'll even make sure there's a sprig ready for him to hang up when he pays her a visit at her place of work. Miriam lovingly calls him a dork but she likes the little Christmas tradition and will make subtle reminders once December rolls around
Zarkan/Amod - Zarkan's the one with the book upside down and Amod's the sleepy one [Amod needs at least a cup of coffee before he'll put up with Zarkan's flights of whimsy regarding mistletoe]

Masters of the Universe:
Adam/Teela - Teela swears he's a huge dork doing this but she will get bent out of shape if he so happens to forget a year. So, Adam is definitely the one who puts the mistletoe up, holds the book upside down, while Teela, on the other hand, is only pretending to be half asleep and missing the fact that there's mistletoe dangling over Adam's head.
Duncan/Sorceress - Duncan has to get extremely creative for this even to work since they live in two very different locations and are trying [unsuccessfully mind you since by now Teela's gotten a good idea who her mother is and what that might mean for her destiny - although, she plans on taking a page out of Queen Veena's playbook regarding that..] to keep it a secret. Needless to say, it confused more that a few people to see Duncan giving a kiss to the top of Zoar's head on one occasion [Ram-Man declared that he needed therapy from that]. So, Duncan tries to make sure he has it all set up for when he pays visits to Sorceress at Castle Greyskull.
Adora/Bow - Bow still wonders how Adora missed the signs for the first several years. But yes, he's usually the one that sets it up only for Adora to not register it right away. [Now She-Ra on the other hand.. Bow appreciates her catching on a little quicker than Adora - and yes, he knows Adora = She-Ra by now, still confuses the hell out of him though]
Randor/Marlena - [Moss-Man has no idea what the big deal is over a tiny little plant so it takes much coaxing for him to help but..] Marlena sets it up every year and Randor needs a swift kick before he realizes what his wife has done, again. [Adam finds it embarrassing that he caught on faster than his own father! Adora wonders if this is why she's so slow to pick up on it when Bow does it for her - which leads her to snarking loudly that she's definitely her father's daughter in that regard and that Adam's a total Mama's boy]

Star Wars [not touching anything from 7 since I haven't seen it yet]
Leia/Han - Leia finds herself being continually surprised that the nerfherder has such a romantic side [which he'll deny of course - wouldn't do for his image]. Still, she wonders where he finds the plant and has time to hang it [of course, ignoring the fact that he probably bullied Threepio into hanging it for him]
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so, still working on that scents list for the Dragon Flyz - you should see my note sheet for the BPAL stuff. Way, way too many listed. Hell, characters I hadn't planned on giving scents to ::glances at Fryte and Gangryn:: ended up getting scents. I'll probably scan the sheet later to show you want I mean about how chaotic it got

Dread and Nocturna pretty much took over the BPAL list ::eyes how many Nocturna has::

edit: and looking at my notebook ::facepalm:: I love how I give the category and the scent but I forget who I picked it for! [at least I was able to look it up and figure out who the scent was for!]
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so, I started a head-canon scent post for my takes on the female characters in the Dragon Flyz 'verse using Bath and Bodyworks scents, then I drifted over to Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs to pick up scents for characters I missed as well as characters I had done already but found new scents for

which now has me wanting to go through the Bath and Bodyworks lists again just to find scents for a few more characters
[I can totally see Flora wearing "Butterfly Flower" - their flavor text "A vibrant fragrance inspired by the natural elegance & playful femininity of a butterfly garden in full bloom"]

so blasted dangerous

Scent post

May. 1st, 2015 05:16 pm
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Inspired by a conversation with [ profile] lovelykitta regarding a plot point in one of her fics. Prefacing this with the "Asthmatic, can't do perfume" so I'm going with what sounds interesting/could see said character using - there'll be another entry with descriptions of the scents. My thoughts and reasonings here

Scents ahoy )

These scents are from:
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okay - to refresh memories:
Árón - Aaron; Aeron - Apex; Peithan - Peak; Sulien - Summit; Gryffyd - Dread; Lona - Ilona; Bréanainn - Z'neth
newly added: Rhiannon - Iranda, Cathaoir - Cifex

Árón married Rhiannon [deceased - childbirth] - Árón/Rhiannon had Bréanainn, Sulien, Aeron, Peithan [deceased, murdered]
Bréanainn married Lona [deceased, murdered] - Bréanainn/Lona had an infant son [deceased]
Sulien married Síne - Sulien/Síne had Niall, Dierdre [deceased, age four, illness]
Aeron married Cathaoir - Aeron/Cathaoir had Fiona
Peithan [deceased] was to have married Gryffyd - Gryffyd disappears along with Bréanainn from the records [both men were turned into vampires]

Family Tree )
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Hopefully the bunny will leave me alone now that I've written three parts for this fic

Notes: Hopper/Maddie/Earl Grey belong to "Ever After High"; the OC's mine; the curse and song belong to "Tales from Muppetland: The Frog Prince"; Hopper calling himself "Robin" is my personal head canon and a nod to "Tales from Muppetland" because I honestly can't see his parents naming him "Hopper" - that's a horrible name [also another nod to the movie in the veiled reference to his parents]. You can hear the song here: and it was sheer hell to transcribe

Unsurprisingly enough, it was Maddie who discovered the new girl's "Oh curses" moment as those odd flaws for the fairy tale children were called. Strange things always happened when Maddie was around - especially with her uncanny ability to see into the future [even if no-one believed she really could] - not that the events were always connected to Maddie [at least, that's what Maddie claimed].

She had been chasing after Earl Grey - her silly little dormouse that really knew better then to run - and had ended up by the lake when she spotted the new girl, her knees tucked under her chin, humming something softly. It wasn't until the girl started to sing that Maddie knew there was something utterly mad at work here.

"So bow I'm nig, grow I'm nown, I'm all gootether all alone. N'im ineteen, n'im ineteen, by mirthday's dotay. A gig birl, a loman, a wady say they," she sung softly, her gaze distant.

Maddie blinked her eyes as she listened, struggling to make sense of it. Frontwards was one thing, wackbirds - er, backwards was another. She rubbed her brow, wishing it was easier to translate. She glanced down at Earl Grey, who had chosen to return to her at that moment. "I don't suppose you understand," she asked her dormouse. Earl Grey just blinked and began to groom. "Didn't think so."

"Something wrong, Maddie?" a familiar male voice asked her, startling her. She whipped around quickly, a happy smile on her features.

"Hopper!" she said, smiling. "A little. Finally heard her speak but trying to figure out what she's saying is maddening."

Hopper quirked a brow. "Oh?"

Maddie nodded. "Oh, there it is," she said, noticing the girl started to sing again.

"So bow I'm nig, grow I'm nown, I'm all gootether all alone. N'im ineteen, n'im ineteen, by mirthday's dotay. A gig birl, a loman, a wady say they," she sung softly.

Hopper tilted his head, listening carefully. This sounded familiar - wait, of course, Mother's curse. Now, Father had been able to understand it, so he should be able to as well. Now, what was she.. "So, now you're big, now you've grown, you're altogether all alone. You're nineteen, You're nineteen, your birthday's today. A big girl, a woman, a lady they say," he murmured quietly.

Maddie blinked. "You understand her?"

"Mother had a similar curse in her youth and father understood her so why shouldn't I?" he countered, giving her a wry grin. "Shh."

"And omeswhere there's onesome there omesow bust me.."

"And somewhere there's someone there somehow must be.."

"The onesome who domesay mean thomesing to me.."

"The someone who'll someday mean something to me.." Hopper paused and glanced at her, wishing he knew if. He shook himself, clearing his thoughts. Coincidence, it meant nothing really. But honestly, it wouldn't hurt to be friends with her - she did look so lonely. He quietly made his way down and sat next to her, not knowing if she saw his approach, not knowing if she heard his approach - so lost in her own thoughts.

"And omeswhere there's onesome there omesow bust me.. / And somewhere there's someone there somehow must be.. The onesome who domesay mean thomesing to me.. / The someone who'll someday mean something to me.."

She startled, looking at him. He understood her? Tentatively, she continued to sing, studying him as she did. "N'im ineteen."

"You're nineteen," Hopper said, watching her studying him. Probably the first time anyone understood her so he could understand her hesitancy, her tentativeness - he would have been the same way.

"By mirthday's dotay," she murmured, blushing a little when he translated it as her birthday's today. She glanced away shyly. "A gig birl, a loman, a wady say they."

"A big girl, a woman, a lady they say," he finished. He placed a hand on hers, smiling a little. "You're probably wondering how I understood, right?" he asked, chuckling a little at her rapid nod. "My mother, when she was younger, had a similar curse. My father was able to understand it so.." He gave an absent shrug. "So, what's your name?"

"Ny mame?" she repeated, tilting her head, gesturing to herself to confirm his . "Lilla. Nour yame?"

"Everyone calls me Hopper to the point at I've come to answer to it," he said with a wry chuckle. "But it's really Robin."
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[subject taken from: "The Gnu Song"]

For those wondering who the hell is who in the He-Man/Dragon Flyz

Z'neth/Apex/Summit/Peak/Aaron are members of the House of Miro [Randor is a many times great ancestor.] [Note: Originally I had planned on it being through Iranda since she's a blue eyed blond like Adora/Adam but upon watching the '02-'03 series and noticing Randor's beard, well, that got put as Aaron being the one they're related through. Part of me wants Iranda to be of Angella's family line, which would also help explain the blue-eyed blondness that Peak/Summit/Iranda have]

so, Aaron corresponds to Randor, but with the caveat that he knows that his children are the heroes. Joshua's very much his Man-At-Arms [with the blessing of no bloody Orko ...yet] Orko will probably end up Orak's least favorite person/Trollan since Orak would probably remind him very much of Duncan

Z'neth -> He-Man [Battle Cat/Cringer is here but stays in Castle Greyskull since it'll awkward as hell to get him from Airlandis to Old Earth and back again]
Peak -> He-Ro [who remembers Craven but Craven does not exist in this 'verse] [Note: Stormy will end up wearing Battle Bird's gear, or a variation thereof]
Apex -> She-Ra [Swift Wind will appear later]
Summit -> leaning towards being a Man-At-Arms unless I can come up with yet another variation of He-Man/He-Ro to put him as

With Apex = She-Ra, that puts Cifex in the "Sea Hawk" territory, unless Bow would be a better fit. [Note: I did have the idea of having him originally working for Hordak and getting turned to working for the "Great Rebellion" but I'm not sure how that would work out so it's sitting on the cutting room floor at present]

With Peak = He-Ro, Nora is somehow a combo of Teela/Kay-La [Note: Kay-La's only listed because she was the 'Teela' for Prince Dare, He-Ro's other persona.] Nora also will be figuring this out and will help out as best she can

Summit is clearly sticking with Miriam and will not be amused if he gets paired with anyone else

Z'neth decided that he didn't want a 'Teela', but instead is going for the Sorceress herself [with the promise of bringing her to Airlandis with him once they are no longer needed to be the Sorceress or He-Man] This will happen at the very end of the fic, with Z'neth seeing a female approaching and won't recognize her at first until she asks him to show her around like he promised

Dread Wing and Skeletor form a temporary alliance [at least for now] Evil-Lyn may switch sides from Skeletor and go over to Dread Wing since she finds him far more competent then her current leader. Which will lead to rather interesting times for Dread Wing since Nocturna will *not* be happy Dread Wing may or may not be distantly related to King Hsss. I'm undecided on that at present

Teela-Na [the original Sorceress] had two daughters - Teela [who was raised by Duncan] and Ilona [who she raised to be her successor] The two don't know they are sisters but there will be sparks once the two meet [Note: Teela will be pissed that Ilona got to know their mother while she didn't, and Ilona will be quite jealous that Teela actually got a normal childhood, something she never got] Teela is Nora's mother - which surprises everyone. The plunnies aren't too forthcoming on the how, other then that Adam had to push Teela through a time portal to save her, which had her ending up on Old Earth, where Nora's father finds her and many years later, we get Nora

Zarkan/Amod/Sabir will fill out various positions as the other Masters or Rebels [however I cast them up]

I think that's everyone so far. I'll probably add to this as things happen
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Orochimaru curled into his mother's arms, trembling at the sound of the fierce storm brewing overhead. He hated thunderstorms - nothing good ever came from them (it had been storming when they had learned that his father had been killed in a battle against some enemy nin from a rival nation). "Mama," he whimpered.

Sayuri held her son close, gently stroking his soft dark hair. "My little prince," she murmured. "Shh, now, it's all right." She continued to hold him close, comforting her frightened child. She could feel him tremble and wished she knew how to comfort him better. "Yurikago no uta o, kanariya ga utau yo. Nenneko nenneko nenneko yo. Yurikago no ue ni, biwa no mi ga yureru yo. Nenneko nenneko nenneko yo. Yurikago no tsuna o kinezumi ga yusuru yo. Nenneko nenneko nenneko yo. Yurikago no yume ni kiiroi tsuki ga kakaru yo. Nenneko nenneko nenneko yo," she crooned softly, feeling him start to fall asleep, safe in her arms. She glanced up to see Hashirama standing in the doorway. "Shodai," she murmured softly, lowering her eyes to the ground.


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