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so, I have my one male Sim hop on the computer to look up dogs to adopt.. and I promptly lost it.
Choice 1: Gorbash
Choice 2: Prince

seriously, those were the names the generator gave them. I'm dying here.

[and for the record - I kept the name. I went with Prince. ::snickering like mad::]
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"Yes Byraugh, it's your turn now! You and your legions, attack, demolish, devour, burn, grind them to dust... Go forth and death be thy destination! Doom. Doom. A Flight of Dragons! I COMMAND IT... A FLIGHT OF DRAGONS!! Doom. Doom.."

and my brain is trying to figure out how to work that particular exchange into a Dragon Flyz fic ::facekeyboard:: why, brain, why?
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or why my rabbits shouldn't cross paths when I'm sick

to sum up the parts of this rabbit, Flight of Dragons/How to train your dragon/King Arthur and the Knights of Justice. Do not ask what the hell triggered that mutant. I haven't the foggiest
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I just have to shade the body
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AN: A peek into Sir Orrins's head this time

Proper English ladies weren't forward, Orrin thought as he walked with Danielle towards one of the rooms they had rented for the night. But, he mused, the lass did have a point - no-one knew if they would live to see another night. And, well, he wasn't getting much younger - his fiftieth birthday was looming that much closer [and that earned a small mental shudder]. And Danielle did seem quite fond of him - having grown up listening to the stories of his many exploits [something that would have brought a blush to his cheeks, if he were a lesser man. Sir Peter would probably blush if he were in his position]. Still, he thought as he opened the door to the room and let her enter the chamber first, it would be nice to have a warm body curling up next to him. He closed the door behind him with a soft click and smiled at the pretty redhead. Oh, yes, it would be nice.
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AN: more of "in Peter's head"
Peter was struggling to keep his eyes open - he knew he had to stay awake, had to help his friends to complete the quest that they had begun, but his eyes were just so heavy and that song Sir Giles was playing on the flute was just so soothing. His eyes slowly closed, a small yawn escaping him. Maybe a small rest wouldn't be so bad - he hadn't had a proper rest since.. He tried to forget what had happened. It was his fault, all his fault. If only he had listened to him, maybe, maybe Smrgal would have still been with them. No, he had to remind himself, now was not the time of self-recrimination. Not when they were nearly at the end - that could come later, after the quest was done. And so Peter slept.
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AN: my take on what was going through Peter's head towards the end

Peter's fingers brushed against the golden shield at his side, wondering how that had gotten there - it hadn't been there when he ..left.. but now it was. A lump rose to his throat as he recalled the quest, the adventure, the magic, the.. woman he had been forced to leave behind. So much history within a simple golden shield - the magic within it long since gone, used up in protecting his friends from Ommadon's Black Hand of Despair [or whatever the hell that spell was - it was a pity he couldn't ask Carolinus. The old Green Wizard would have known]. He knew he should keep it - but the memories were still too raw, still too painful. He bent over and picked up the shield. "Not the watch," he said quietly, showing the pawnbroker the Shield of Saturn [forged from the mystic dust of her rings, his mind supplied, hearing it in Carolinus's voice]. "This."
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Orrin massaged his temples, glancing over at the dragon and his daughter. The two were in their, he paused trying to do a mental count and failed at coming up with the proper number, fight. "Honestly, Danielle, I just do not see where she gets that temper," he said.

Danielle said nothing, just merely smiled for a moment. "Need I remind you about your quarrels with Sir Peter?" she pointed out.

Orrin merely gave his wife a side eyed glance, wisely choosing to say nothing at the moment.

She smiled again, picking up her knitting and settled down to work on that scarf he claimed he didn't need but in truth really did. She glanced over at the pair and smiled softly. "I thought so," she said. She let out a small sigh. "I'm not sure I'm ready for Rosalia to grow up," she confessed.

"Nor I, love," Orrin said quietly, reaching over to place a hand on hers. "Nor I." He glanced over and watched his godchild with her dragon. So much like her mother, falling in love with a man from a world without fantasy, without magic. Oh, to be honest, he was a good dragon, er, man. But still.. He shifted his gaze away from them and back to his own daughter, watching her.


Rosalia gave a defiant glare up at the dragon. "Explain to me why I can't come, Sir Peak?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I don't want to accidentally step on you," he shot back. "That's why."

She opened her mouth to say something before closing it. She had to come up with a good point to counter that - one that he couldn't easily argue against. "Then I could ride you."

Peak choked for a moment, praying her parents hadn't heard that. He glanced warily over at them, relieved when they didn't seem to react. /Z! The hell do I do!/ he cried desperately to his brother.

Z'neth turned his gaze towards his brother. /What's the problem?/

/She wants to ride me!/

Z'neth misstepped with that and whipped his head to look at the pair.

Rosalia tilted her head. "Of course, I don't think I could do it like Carolinus.."

Both brothers mentally cringed - oh, God, why did their minds have to go swimming in the gutter. Peak spoke up first. "Um, Rosalia... think about what you just said and then recall that there's a human male hidden within the body of this dragon."

Rosalia instantly pinked.
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AN: I will preface this with that I'm a child of the '80s. Flight of Dragons was one of my all time favorite movies. I own only Ilona and this cracktastic plot.

Nocturna lounged on one of her many cushions in her small section of the lair. A forgotten spell book sat on her lap and she absently flipped through the pages, half heartedly reading it. She paused a moment upon coming across a spell that intrigued her, especially with the notes written next to it. A dark smile crossed her features as she mused over the implications. If the spell worked the way it was written, then, oh but then, Dreadwing's enemies would be his to command. The only problem she could find with it would be finding a child of that bloodline to cast the spell. She sighed, setting the book aside. It'll be a project for a later date - but for now, she had Dragon Flyz to hunt.


Ilona's eyes were closed, tears splashing down her cheeks. Her hands were bound behind her, the tip of a blade pointing into her back. She fought the tremble, not wanting to show that she was very much afraid, especially with Dreadwing standing right behind her.

Apex glanced at her siblings, her eyes silvering as she slipped through their barriers, trying to assess the state of her brothers. Peak was crumpled on the ground - blissfully unconcious at the moment. Summit was almost ready to pass out - having been battered by Fryte during their capture. Z'neth was the only one still very much awake and very much painfully alert. /Z? You okay?/ she asked, nudging him gently with her powers.

/No, I am not okay/ he started, his gaze focused on the woman standing with Dreadwing. /Apex? She.. Did she?/

Apex glanced up to see Ilona standing there with Dreadwing and she gently pushed her way in, finding little resistence from the smaller woman. /No, she's still on our side/ she answered. /She's as much a prisoner as we are/

That comforted Z'neth a little - knowing that the woman he had quietly fallen in love with hadn't betrayed them. /Ilona? Can you hear me?/

Ilona's eyes opened slowly, her blue-violet gaze focusing on Z'neth. /Z'neth?/ came the shaky mental response.

/Shh, Ilona, I'm here, I'm here/ he crooned, comforting her. /It'll be okay, Angel, it'll be okay. I promise/

Ilona's shoulders shook as she tried not to weep further. /You can't promise that, Z'neth. You can't. It's not going to be okay, it's not/

/Shh/ he soothed. /We'll get out of this/

Dreadwing moved the blade just a hair, pressing a little further. "Now, Child of Carolinus. Speak the words," he said. "Speak them."

Ilona let out a sob before she began, mental pleas of forgiveness escaping her. "I Call on All Antiquity to give me magic enough.. Car..Carbitrome.. Zuminai.. La..Lavathol...Untombre.." /Forgive me please forgive me please forgive me please please please.../

Z'neth could feel the pull of the weight of the words, the timelessness, the power hidden within those simple words. He glanced at his siblings, watching their bodies react the same way his was. He wanted to tell Ilona to stop, to plead with her, but soon all was lost behind a haze of pain.

"Baristome.. Misincromeaves.." Ilona sobbed out, her body shaking as she cast the spell against her will. "Magliolac... Of all the blazes..." she paused, wanting to stop but knowing at this point she couldn't, not with the glowing green star that had formed before her and was exploding up and out. "CALA!" she screamed, dropping to her knees and sobbing as the spell worked its magic.

Dreadwing smiled as he watched the thorns in his side merged with their captured dragons - just like that spellbook said it would. He reached over and ruffled the hair of the human that had given him such a powerful gift. He pushed the blade that had been resting against the small of her back in, a dark smile crossing his features. He withdrew the blade after a moment, smiling at seeing the blade covered in blood. He brought it up to his mouth and licked it, a dark chuckle escaping him. "Now, there is no chance of your freedom," he said darkly.


Z'neth lay in the nesting area, his head resting on his front paws. He didn't know how it had happened, but somehow they had been freed by one of the other Dragon Force teams and brought back. Of course, they didn't know what had happened, and Z'neth was still too exhausted to explain (then again, he wasn't even sure if he was able *to* explain - nothing about the events that took place made any sense to him and he had been a key player in them). He gave an experimental twitch of his tail, trying to get used to the alien sensation of having a tail.

Lilian entered, making her way over to him. "Hey, Riptor," she said, settling down in front of him. "How you feeling, big guy? You missing your daddy?" she asked, stroking his nose. "We'll find him."

Z'neth wondered for a moment about what happened to his father, before he realized that Lilian was calling *him* the daddy, and not his real father - Aaron. This was going to make things awkward. He tilted his head slightly.

"You worrying about Ilona too?" she asked quietly. At the decided nod, Lilian smiled. Seemed that Z'neth wasn't the only one that liked the petite medical officer. "She came out of surgery a little while ago, Riptor. Miriam said she'd be.." she paused, trying to find the words.

Z'neth could feel his stomach sink. What had happened to Ilona that was making it hard for Lilian to find the words to tell him? He tried to seek her out through their bond but it was so hard, to sift through all the layers, the blocks that was keeping her from him.

"She'll be fine, Riptor," Lilian said finally. "She just won't be able to walk."

Z'neth closed his eyes. Was that why he couldn't feel her? Was she blocking herself from him because she didn't feel worthy of his love because of her condition? He didn't care - if he had to spend the rest of his life carrying her in his arms, then damn it he would. He wasn't about to abandon her, just because of what happened to her. He pushed and prodded and forced his way past the barriers that were keeping them apart. He relaxed when he felt her respond to him finally.


Ilona settled into the chair, her head tilted back as she lost herself in thought. The incident had left all the dragons in an odd emotional state - almost as if.. No, it wasn't possible. He was supposed to be dead, dead and unable to call forth a flight. She drew herself out of her thoughts when she heard the familiar hum of Aaron's approach. She offered him a wearied smile. "You seem troubled, Sir," she murmured softly.

"I am, Ilona. All the dragons are out of temper," he said. "I don't know the cause. I can understand the situation with Riptor, Sky Fury, Wing Storm, and Apex's dragon given that their riders are missing, but the others."

Ilona closed her eyes. "They... aren't missing," she said finally. She opened her eyes slowly. "Dreadwing called on something far more ancient then you could believe to deal with them."

"If they aren't missing, where are they, Ilona?" Aaron asked, instinctively already dreading the answer.

"I.." she started, her voice trailing off for a moment. "I am a Child of Carolinus," she said finally, allowing that to sink in.

Aaron blinked slowly for a moment. "Carolinus?" he repeated. He knew the name was familiar and he desperately racked his memory for the reason why that name was familiar. Then, then it came to him - the half forgotten memory of having poured over those ancient tomes with Joshua during their youth, igniting a passion within both men for dragons. "The Green Wizard?"

Ilona nodded. "Yes," she confirmed quietly. "Dreadwing forced me to use one of his spells. The spell was complicated, or should have been," she continued. "But Dreadwing prefered the unfortunate variation that he crafted. You see, many centuries ago, a man by the name of Peter Dickenson had been chosen to lead a quest..."

"To capture the Red Crown of Ommadon," Aaron finished. "As a youth, I studied the legends. It was from that came the passion for dragons."

Ilona smiled softly and nodded. "But Ommadon wasn't going to let that happen so easily, so he sent his terrible dragon, Bryagh, to the home of Carolinus to capture Peter, or as he was to be called, Sir Peter."

Aaron settled to listen to the story be told. It was one thing to read it, but it was another to hear it being told. There was something magical in hearing an old story being told, and he could sense that Joshua was just about to join them. He brought a finger to his lips, indicating to Joshua to be silent and let the healer tell the tale.

Joshua nodded and settled near Aaron. Hard to believe that the little waif knew the stories better then they did and they had studied them for years.

"Sir Peter was outside with the Princess Melisande when Bryagh appeared, grabbing him. Melisande screamed, alerting her adoptive father, Carolinus, and Gorbash, their house dragon, to the fact that there was danger outside their door. Melisande quickly informed them that Bryagh had Sir Peter," she continued, her gaze distant.

Z'neth's interest perked and he shifted closer to the small group, wanting to hear the story. Answers to unspoken questions just had to be hidden within what she was telling them. He sent a mental nudge to his siblings, waking them so they could hear the origins of what happened.

"Carolinus suggested that they try a removal spell, to try and bring Sir Peter back. Gorbash disagreed with that, citing that the spell would take too long, that something could happen to Sir Peter in the meantime and he took off, flying to the rescue. Carolinus attempted the spell, but with the belief in magic fading, his magic just wasn't strong enough to begin with." She paused a moment. "He had gotten a few words of the spell out before Melisande spied Bryagh dropping Sir Peter. Gorbash continued to try and catch him. Unfortunately, Carolinus didn't properly complete the spell."

"And by not completing the spell the way the spell should have ended, he crafted a new spell?" Joshua offered. He gazed at the four dragons that had been inching ever closer as the story had been told.

Ilona nodded. "Instead of a removal spell," she began. "He cast a spell that would merge Gorbash *with* Sir Peter."

Aaron glanced at Ilona then at the dragons. "And Dreadwing forced you to repeat the same mistake, didn't he?" he asked softly. At her slight nod, he glanced at the dragons. "Then, my children aren't missing, they're here, merged with their dragons." He glanced over at Joshua. "Well, that explains a few things."

"I always said that Summit had a fiery dragon's temper, I just didn't mean it quite so literally," Joshua said with a light chuckle. He sighed after a moment. "So, what do we do now? Any ideas?"

Ilona leaned over and fished a golden flute out of her chair's pouch. "We do have one thing we can use," she said softly. "The Flute of Healing Sleep."

Aaron boggled for a moment, nearly falling from his self-made telekinetic cushion that allowed him movement. He exchanged glances with Joshua - clearly this Child of Carolinus was of a far more direct line then they had thought. For those ancient texts had been clear on one thing - that the Flute had been given to Sir Peter. For her to be in the possession.. (Bar the reports it had been sold to a pawnbroker - but those could always been repurchased and returned to the family line.)

Joshua cleared his throat. "Healing Sleep?" he asked, prompting her to clarify. He knew what that meant, but still the confirmation would be nice.

Ilona nodded. "It is said that when played, it would lure any fearsome dragon into sleep," she said quietly. She blushed slightly. "I do know the song but I rather not use it now, best to save it for when it is truly needed."

Aaron nodded. "I wish we had the Shield of Saturn as well. That would come in handy if Dreadwing decided he wanted to find another magic user to play with." He glanced back at Ilona when she gave a sheepish laugh. "You possess it?"

She gave a small sheepish nod. "Father gave them to me when he said that I was old enough to..." she paused and glanced away.

Joshua fell silent as he slowly started to put a few things together - for her to come into possession of the Flute and Shield... And for her to be a Child of Carolinus... And now that cryptic comment about her being old enough... "For you to be the Child of Carolinus, his blood would have to flow through your veins," he began. "Now, Carolinus had no biological issue, but he did have an adopted daughter as you stated. And it was oft assumed that he was of her line - hence why no-one fussed when Carolinus adopted the then orphaned princess." He slowly began to pace the floor in front of Riptor's (or rather Z'neth's) nesting area, attempting to work his theory out.

Ilona was quiet, unsure if she should say anything. Still it would be nice to actually have someone understand.

/Ilona?/ Z'neth's voice asked, brushing her mind gently. /Are you all right, my darling?/ He made his way over and gently nuzzled her cheek, trying to be careful with how fragile humans were compared to dragons.

/I'm weary, Z'neth/ she answered softly. /The guilt of what I was forced to do rests heavily on my shoulders/

Z'neth nuzzled her again. /It's not your fault, my darling. Dreadwing used your blood against you. None of us blame you for what he forced you to do. I don't blame you, Ilona/

Ilona smiled up at him, tears sparkling in her eyes, and wrapped her thin arms around his neck. Her tiny frame trembled as she started to finally allow the tears to escape.

"D..Don't cry, 'lona," Peak struggled to get out, startling everyone, himself included. He blinked his eyes and let out a small whoop of delight - only to be further startled when said whoop resulted in the sprinkler system going off to prevent the fire from destroying the habitat.

Joshua shot Peak a withered look. "I think I liked you better when you couldn't speak," he said dryly. "Less property damage. And don't even think of sticking your tongue out." That earned some laughter from the others - and a pout from Peak.


Z'neth settled on the ground at Ilona's feet. It was decidedly different here - the air felt cleaner, purer. Not to mention the amount of green - and fresh water. He glanced over at his siblings, noting their absence before he allowed his mind to drift to seek them out. He nodded to himself, content knowing that his siblings, though out of his sight, were still close at hand, merely off exploring the area around the cabin.

Ilona sat on the bench, her hand gently stroking the top of Riptor's (Z'neth's) head as she thought. "It feels so different to be home," she said quietly. "A part of me still calls this home, and yet, and yet I find myself longing for your time, your world, Z'neth."

Z'neth felt slightly relieved at that - that she viewed his world as her home. "But Ilona, there you can't walk, and here.." he said quietly.

"My ability to walk notwithstanding but.." she started. "I would still want to join you."

Carolinus stood in the doorway, listening to the children. So much like his Melisande, wanting to join her knight in his world. He glanced up at Gorbash and shook his head. "Must be in the blood," he mused before slipping back inside.

Gorbash just continued to watch. Chances were that he'd have to give lessons - it was only a shame that Srmgal died before they came. He was a far better teacher. He made his way out and began hunting down the other young dragons - he knew he had to teach that young one (Peak, that was what Ilona called him. Silly name for a human, barely a proper name for a dragon) since he had issues with his breathing fire. He found him, staring at the river. He debated a moment and none too gently headbutted him in.

Peak surfaced, spluttering. He glanced over and sighed. "Oh, it's you, Gorbash."

"Come, time to learn how to breath fire properly," he said. "It'll be an interesting lesson to be sure. Now, follow me."

Peak stood and shook himself, trying to dry, before he padded after Gorbash. He wondered exactly how he'd be learning to breath fire.

"Oh, and we'll be learning how to fly as well," Gorbash tossed over his shoulder. "Not this graceful falling you and your siblings do. I've never seen a dragon who could not fly worth a damn." He spotted the dwarf mine and grinned. He shot a tiny puff of flame out. "All right, come out, and bring gems."

"What the hell are we doing?" Peak asked, watching in confusion.

"Robbing a dwarf mine, what does it look like? To quote an old teacher of mine, to fly you need gemstones. To get gemstones, you rob dwarf mines." Another puff of flame soon had the dwarfs emerging with the necessary gemstones. Gorbash smiled slightly, remembering when it had been him (well, Sir Peter was getting the lesson - he had been asleep during the whole incident) getting the lesson. "And don't worry, we won't eat the dwarfs. Too sinewy and hairy. Not worth the effort."

Peak cringed at the thought of eating them and studied the bag of gemstones. "So, now what?"

Gorbash sighed. Clearly they had no idea what it meant to be a dragon (okay, so it was Sir Peter part two [Z'neth], three [Summit], four [Apex], and five [Peak] - but still). "Now, swallow those bags of gems," he said, privately wondering if the next three lessons were going to be anything like this one. He'd have to apologize to those dwarfs later (luckily he had a good understanding with them these days - especially when they heard that Gorbash was now mentoring four baby dragons). "But not all the way. Let them find your craw."

Peak didn't want to state the obvious but it was an entirely odd sensation to have something in his throat and be unable to do anything about them. But the expression on his face told Gorbash exactly what he wasn't saying.

"Never had diamonds in your craw?" he asked.

"I never had a craw before," Peak retorted. And he hoped he never had one again. He did wonder if he should supplement his dragon's diet with gemstones when things were returned to normal - probably should, and especially after this whole mess. Poor Storm.

"Well," Gorbash began, "they help to grind up the white.. wait, what did Sir Peter call the stone.. Ah, yes, limestone." He paused. "Now, stop talking. Eat."

Peak stared at the rock before taking a bite out of it. He listened to Gorbash instruct him to not try to grind it himself but to swallow it whole, so it could combine with the gemstones and get broken up that way. "I feel like a damn bird," he muttered, which earned a booming laugh from Gorbash.

"Sir Peter said the same when he was in the same position," Gorbash said, chuckling lowly. "Now that we've eaten the gemstones and the limestone, your fire in your belly should be well and truly stoked." He nodded to himself. So far so good - and hopefully he wouldn't have to give that scientific lecture about limestone, calcium, and stomach acid.

Peak settled back - trying to remember his basic chemistry lessons (the ones he wasn't quite passing, much to his father's dismay). Thankfully, he had a rough idea and glanced at Gorbash. "So, this fire in the belly causes the lift, thus flight?"

Gorbash nodded. "Praise be given that I didn't have to lecture," he sighed. "Once you get up, the wings flap. To get down, let go of the gas via a flame."

"Right," Peak said, still a little dubious about the whole matter.


Z'neth settled down to watch his younger brother trip over his own tail. 'Now, what was that all about,' he wondered. He could feel his eyeridge arching as high as it could possibly get as he watched. A girl? Peak was flustered over a girl? That was clearly unlike him - since he never had trouble talking to a female before (if the number of broken hearts was a clear indicator). Now, what was it about this particular.. Oh. Oh! He settled down to watch the fireworks.
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"We live in a world full of magic - of fairies, of witches, of wizards, of dragons, of pixies, and yet you're finding it hard to believe that dragons can talk?" Christine asked, her left eyebrow arching ever so slightly.

"You have to admit, Chris," Sky began. "It does seem a little farfetched."

If looks could kill, Sky would have been a smear on the dorm floor. She took a steadying breath, her temper flaring slightly higher before she stormed out, not wanting to say anything that she'd regret.

Sky sighed and followed her, pausing a moment when he saw her glancing up at the sky. Now, what was she up to?

"Gorbash! Gorbash! Come!" she called. She was the grandchild of the Green Wizard, the student of the Golden Wizard. He *would* come - she knew it as she knew that her domain was of peace, of healing, of light and air.

A large green dragon slowly circled above their heads before slowly landing. "You called?" he asked.

Sky boggled. "He spoke?"

"But of course," Gorbash said. "All dragons can. You just choose not to hear us." He studied the prince. Nothing terribly special about him - but there was something there since Antiquity had shown his image to Carolinus for a reason. Could this be the one that would lead the Quest to reunite the Magic Realm with the rest of Magix? He only prayed that the boy could be able to do so.
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It was just a small box - nothing flashy, easily overlooked. But the contents hidden within - the small box held such hope, such promise. He glanced at the box in his hand, the one that would seal his fate from now until the day he died. He quietly walked over to her, settling down next to her. "Hey," he murmured softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "I got you something."

"Oh?" she answered, tilting her head to look at him.

He offered the small box, trying to not as nervous as he felt. A silent prayer escaped him as he waited to see her reaction of the contents.

She opened it slowly, her eyes widening in surprise before she glanced at him. "Is this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Will.. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he asked.

She studied the ring before sliding it on. "If you will be my husband, then I will be your wife," she answered, a smile crossing her features.

He let out a cry of delight and kissed her deeply.


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