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the character bio page for EAH wasn't loading.. (at least it wasn't for me - anyone else?)
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...why is EAH reuploading Chapter 4 on their YouTube Channel?

Dear brain

Apr. 2nd, 2017 01:03 pm
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I don't give a fuck that Prompto's VA was Tuxedo Mask - you are not having Prompto make a crack about having to rescue the Moon Princess just so he can see Luna double over with laughter and Noctis look like he's going to strangle him. Just *no*

And fucking holy shit, that's Alistair from Ever After High!?
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A dangerous story is bubbling and almost all the Narrators are scared to tell it. Cracks in the World of Stories are spreading, and the ominous Shadow High is gaining power. Only one young, brave Narrator, Brooke Page, is ready to tell this tale.

As the first cracks show, Frankie and Draculaura are accidentally transported to Ever After High, where they meet Raven Queen and Apple White. After the girls recover from the shock of learning that fairytales and monsters are real, they discover that the Evil Queen has escaped her mirror prison in search of the ultimate power, hidden in Shadow High. Frankie, Raven, Draculaura, Apple, and Brooke must stop the Evil Queen and save the World of Stories from the evil that lurks in Shadow High!

oh, joy. This makes what, her second trip outside the mirror?
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read the couple - fans of EAH will understand why I'm laughing my ass off


Nov. 12th, 2016 10:50 am
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I tried, I honestly tried to watch this show (Regal Academy) but..

why is Rose Cinderella acting like a Season 1 Bloom? Seriously, I feel like I'm watching first season Winx Club only in an Ever After High inspired setting. (I mean hell, Pinocchia is totally Cedar Wood - [grand]child of Pinocchio that can only tell the truth, and has a cricket on her headband? And Hawk SnowWhite - yes, that mouthful is his name - totally has Apple's quirk of being obsessed with apples.)

I'm still trying to fathom out why the Beast is still a beast since apparently he was able to fall in love/earn their love in return because he has a grandson... who also can turn into a beast.. I'm.. failing to understand. Logic..? Logic, where are you...? Oh, and the frog prince is still in a froggy form... ::facepalm:: And his granddaughter can use magic to turn herself (or someone else) into a frog... My kingdom (such as it is) for some logic!

and ugh, the names. Holy Hannah, why is there a character with the last name of "Ugly Duckling"? Could you have at least done a nod or something? This is so why I love Ever After High - you get subtle nods for last names. You don't get the entire bloody fairy tale name for a last name.

That said, the art is pretty but I'm side-eyeing the dolls something fierce at the moment. Three main heroic girls but guess which of the three were made or at least showing up on If you guessed the ones with long hair, give yourself a gold star!

edit: Ah, Joy does exist - but I found her in an overseas auction. Yeah. Good show.
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so, reading the visitors' post on the EAH page when I spotted someone asking EAH to do an episode for ..the daughter of Harley Quinn...? Lord, do you have your fandoms mixed up...
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so, watching last episode of Jewel Riders and I got to ask one thing - where the fuck was the Pack?

edit: ::skipping ahead a bit:: oh, there they are. Apparently the show wanted Ian to have more focus in this last episode since he and Gwen do a reverse Sleeping Beauty (and not going to lie, but.. I would love to have seen Ever After High done something like that) (although it says Gwen in the link, the provided episodes call her Starla)
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why are we getting the True Hearts Day novelization now when we had this special how long ago? I'm all levels of confused with this one
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But LJ fought me something fierce regarding the Epic Winter Trailer icons I made - apparently 300+ icons is not something it likes
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bar any surprises, what I hope to get done today or tomorrow

  1. capping Hero of the Month: Frost to make icons for a friend - and capped. Just have to burn them to a disc later

  2. getting back to capping Piping Hot Beats to make icons for same friend as above

  3. cap a bit of LoSH: Timber Wolf -  done. French episode for the win. (Now if I could find it in English...)

  4. cap something Monster High since it's been ages since I capped that (suggestions from friends are welcome!)

  5. maybe cap some Winx Club? I haven't had a Flora icon in rotation in how long...?

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