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May. 6th, 2017 07:14 pm
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so, got my free comics <3 Zelda, Monster High (looks like reboot movie'verse for the comics since Clawdeen shifts into a wolf), Superhero Girls, and Ladybug. I glanced at the Barbie one but it didn't catch my interest. The Descendants one was basically manga version of the first movie

(it was a nice deal - five free, if you spent ~$10 or more you got two more)
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My wants - Monster High - Disney Descendants - Ladybug - Superhero Girls - Barbie - Zelda


Apr. 4th, 2017 04:49 am
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One of my favorite webcomic artists got tapped to do a Belle comic for a special Belle-centric Disney Princess comic!
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Party City mailing:

DC Superhero Girls: (S [4-6], M [8-10], L [12-14])
Wonder Woman #404
Harley Quinn #397
Batgirl #405
Supergirl #318
Online Only:
Bumblebee SKU: P689243
Poison Ivy SKU: P689240
Katana SKU: P689237

Ever After High: (M [8-10], L [12-14], XL [14-16])
Raven Queen #447
Madeline Hatter #442
Kitty Cheshire #370
from Briar Beauty #428
No sign of Apple this year

Monster High: (S [4-6], M [8-10], L [12-14], XL [14-16])
Draculaura #348 (Welcome to Monster High version), Classic: Online Only SKU: P447101, Random Draculaura outfit (out of stock at the moment, possibly online only) SKU: P536589
Frankie Stein #345 (Welcome to Monster High version), Classic: Online Only SKU: P447110, Random Franki Outfit (out of stock at the moment, possibly online only) SKU: P537190
Skelita Calaveras #361
from Clawdeen Wolf #417
Cleo DeNile #419
Abbey Bominable #418

Disney Descendants: (S [4-6], M [8-10], L [12-14], XL [14-16])
Ally #331
Evie #338
Mal #340
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with the new computer having a severe lack of slots for flash drives and being stuck with having to use a CD to act as a flash drive (apparently that's a thing with this computer, I can format a CD to act as a flash drive), I suppose it gives me a chance to remake a few icons

so, plans:
Finish up Epic Winter trailer - done. (Waiting to be burnt to a CD. I want to make at least a few more batches of icons before I burn the CD - it's a 700MB CD, I'd feel silly to use just 5.? of it with just the Epic Winter trailer icons)
Make the Meet the Pixies Dragon Games icons (I have them set, I just have to resize and save. Play with the graphics for two - one where Featherly is poking her head out of the bushes and one where Deerla is healing Darling's leg) - in process
Redo Wish List - all capped, being placed on the flash drive CD.
Cap Piping Hot Beats - started
Go back and pick out episodes from Chapters 1-3 that I like and do those (so far, Fairest on Ice and Heart-Struck on the docket from Chapter 3)
Do either "Meet the New Students - Mari, Lorna, Batsy, Kjersti, Isi" from Monster High or "From Fear to There - pt1" from MH
Do a couple of Star Darling clips/episodes (In process of capping Science of Fashion)
Maybe icon a bit of Happily Ever After/The Gnomes (1980)

Of course, this is all pending me not getting anything new and shiny popping up


Jul. 7th, 2016 02:57 pm
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anyone not surprised that I would find this, heh
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^ Ally's pretty much the only one I want. Jane's a maybe - probably ditch the stockings and glasses but everything else can stay (Stockings can stay, glasses and bow can go). Jordan inches up after seeing a friend's owner shorts - Wonder-Woman (need!) - Wonder-Woman - Supergirl - Batgirl


Jun. 26th, 2016 04:37 pm
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I'm looking at my Recommended list on and it's giving me Sig Evie and Genie Chic Evie as a choice for Descendants. I'm not sure which one I should get. Suggestions?


Jun. 23rd, 2016 06:54 pm
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went to Walmart today - in hopes of finding a Monster High mini. No dice there. But! I did find one of the Tsum Tsums I was hunting for! I got my Dumbo!

Now I just need to go on the hunt for Eeyore.

(and then I'll hunt for Tsum Tsums at my leisure. Eeyore and Dumbo were my coveted pair. One down, one to go! Dumbo can pal around with Gus Gus :D)
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[Target had him, Jaq, the two female mice, and Lucifer when I went.] Of course, I'm madly hunting for two specific ones. Eeyore and Dumbo.

do Lion King ones exist? I ask because reasons..
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was glancing at your Tumblr and promptly hunted down the two Disney Fairies books who's cover art you shared

Rosetta's covers "Rosetta's Dress Mess" and "Rosetta's Daring Day" - it's due out 10/18 of this year -
Tink's covers "The Trouble with Tink" and "Tinker Bell takes charge" - it's due out 10/18 of this year -
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so, I bought a copy of the Broadway version of the Lion King's soundtrack - I have to admit, I honestly did not expect it to be that, ah, dark.. Case in point where Scar tries to hit on Nala [occurs in the song "The Madness of King Scar"]. I'll let that mental image sink in for a moment.
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Attina is the eldest daughter of King Triton, and heir to the throne! Her name is a variation of the mythological goddess Athena, meaning "wisdom". She is known to be caring and motherly, but also stern in keeping the rules. She can be a bit bossy at times, but her sisters love her anyway. She is very responsible, and her goal in life is to make and keep everyone happy, without letting anyone down! She is a wonderful person inside and out.

So, Attina, huh..
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so, signed up to Disney Movies Rewards and started inputting the codes on the DVDs - everything is going smoothly until I hit one tiny snag. The code they gave me on the registration slip for one of the movies is the wrong code! I type in the code for what I think is the 2pack of Saludos Amigos/Three Caballeros, which ends up being the code for blasted Nightmare before Christmas! I don't even own Nightmare before Christmas!


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