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when you realize that only 36% of the pattern you're working on is any color other than white...
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loved the scene - hate the color palette.
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finally updated my panfandom cross-stitch entry [1 new Star Wars, 1 new Star Darling (image is from one of [ profile] tanz_fanatika's scans), 2 new Mystic Knights]

have 32 more Star Wars patterns to be worked on [1 Anakin/Padme, 21 Kylo Ren/Rey]

trying to decide what image I should do next for Monster High [I did one from the movie that's coming out featuring Lagoona but eh, trying to find an image is a pain. Maybe a cute one of Astra Nova? ::pondering::]

(just finished one of the Kylo Ren/Rey ones - yay. Uploading that to the entry tomorrow)
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A motherlode of my fandom cross-stitch projects - this will be continually updated as I finish them :D Some of the Star Darlings images come courtesy of the most amazing [ profile] tanz_fanatika who gave me permission to use her scans

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I'll take a cap of Clover from my gallery later - but that's one more darling down. Just have to do Adora, Astra, and Leona. And maybe one or two more professors and possibly a group image or two. Yay for addictive cross-stitch

Then I may attempt a few Ever After High images. [yay again for being able to upload images to work from so I have a serious collection of fandom patterns] I'll also take a cap of the Peri and Pearl from Monster High cross-stitch I did

And then I can get back to Star Wars [my focus is Padme/Anakin <3] Maybe another few Mystic Knights images as well
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shout-out to the awesome [ profile] tanz_fanatika for the scan that this pattern came from

I love how it came out
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only 4 left from the collection. A bit sad to see it's almost done
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and the 7th Star Darling

still have to do Astra, Adora, Clover, Leona and Scarlet
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6 down, 6 to go. I'm debating over doing Vega or Scarlet for the next free pattern


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