May. 31st, 2017

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from a fic I posted on AO3.. (my first time ever posting there)
Kudos: 9
squee.. :D

and one of my favorite Gladio/Ignis writers gave a comment ::flailing:: they liked my writing style for the fic ::flailing::

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AN: Chrysanthus - meaning: Golden Flower
Althaea - meaning: Healing

Ardyn decided that not for the first time in his life that the Astrals were unbelievable bastards, even Shiva with her so-called affection for humanity was counted amongst the bunch. He had started a slow walk towards his Shield before it became a mad scramble to his side. "Chrysanthus!" he cried, embracing his friend, his Shield, tightly. "What did they do to you?" he asked, tears that were slowly turning inky black with Starscourge racing down his cheeks. "What did they do to you..."
Chrysanthus blinked slowly, a dazed expression on his features before it slowly faded away as recognition blossomed. "Ardyn," he breathed, relieved that his friend, his Prince, was still alive - for whatever definition of alive that could be used to describe the man before him, a man he had loyally served, did loyally serve he amended - he could never serve the brother that demonized his king. "It is nothing." A faint wince crossed his features - stretching the credibility of that statement to the limit.
"Do not lie to me," Ardyn bit out. "That brand is not nothing. Who did this to you?" he asked, a snarl clear in his voice. Someone hurt someone dear to him and that someone would pay dearly. He didn't know how, he didn't know when, but that person would pay dearly.

Chrysanthus said nothing, unsure of how to explain the who and the why and the logic behind it when he himself barely understood it.

"It was the Draconian, my husband," a soft feminine voice said as she approached, moving to comfort her husband. "He blamed Chrysanthus for failing to keep you from quote falling from grace so he felt that he quote had no choice but to punish him for his failure." It was clear the woman felt no love for the draconic Astral.

"Althaea," Ardyn breathed, letting his Shield free so he could hug his beloved wife. "Althaea." He buried his face in the soft curve of her neck and let out a choked sob.

Althaea gently stroked his husband's back, comforting him. "It is not your fault, my husband. Full blame goes to the Draconian."


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