May. 25th, 2017

dear brain

May. 25th, 2017 04:40 am
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 I like sleep so stop showing me scenes for Dented Shield!
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Broken Shield - the Healer King story

Ardyn decided that not for the first time in his life that the Astrals were unbelievable bastards, even Shiva with her so-called affection for humanity was counted amongst the bunch. He had started a slow walk towards his Shield before it became a mad scramble to his side. "Chrysanthus!" he cried, embracing his friend, his Shield. "What did they do to you?" he asked, tears that were slowly turning black with Starscourge racing down his cheeks. "What did they do to you..."


Dented Shield - the Noctis + Gladio story.

A soccer ball rolled down the street, forgotten until it hit the bumper of a car, setting off the car alarm, instantly drawing attention to it. One Crowe Altius (although currently in disguise as Cynthia Argentum - at least Drautos was allowing her to keep her initials the same - and she had to admit, the kid she was watching over for Cor was a precious little ball of sunshine) stepped outside, wondering why her car alarm was going off. Her dark gaze drifted up the ways where she saw the Shield kneeling by his prince, a look of undisguised panic on his face. "Shit," she swore as she raced down, flicking on her earpiece to get into contact with the rest of the Glaives. "Pelna, send an ambulance to my location. The Star is winking out, repeat, the Star is winking out."
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18 High C's.. <3
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I actually had someone reblogging the teaser I wrote for my Ardyn fic. I never had some reblog before ::tiny flail::


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