Apr. 7th, 2017

new MH vid

Apr. 7th, 2017 10:06 am
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oh, look, Barker


Apr. 7th, 2017 10:33 am
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anyone know a good photo hosting site (not Photobucket since I'm pissed with them at the moment) where I can upload icons if/when I start making them again?
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 so, the Superhero Girls website has a "Create a Hero" game now. I died when I spun for my girl's name and came up with "Invisible Woman". Someone decided to say "screw you, Reed, I'm going to a different universe" XD XD
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 at six different recommendations of Beauty and the Beast? I know, I know - my favorite fairy tale but ugh...
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 so, my Dad calls me to ask what movie I have sitting on the DVR that's 2+ yrs old (reason for this: I couldn't find it at the time for a decent price on Amazon) - which is Ladyhawke because my brother wanted to know the title. And now my brother called to confirm that the title was Ladyhawke (and gives the French title as well)..

I'm getting a sneaking suspicion about why they're asking but..

still.. out of left fucking field...

edit: yep, I was right in my suspicion. My brother just ordered it for me. So, on the 24th, the DVD will be here. Sweet :D
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 well, the reveal went as about expected - and yay drama llama /sarcasm


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