Jan. 8th, 2017

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or where I discovered that my OC for FFXII is part of a storyline that would work for a soap opera

To wit:
She's in love with Basch - and the pair possibly get married (currently in game she's engaged to him, with a promise to marry him when he returns), but then his bastard of an identical twin brother assumes his identity and kills the king, which gets Basch excuted for treason, but he's not really dead, he's really been imprisoned - so she's nominally his widow (which causes her to be confused as all hell when she finds out that no he's not dead and no he didn't kill the king, his literal evil twin did). And to make things even more insane, once the evil twin dies as per game canon, the good twin assumes the evil twin's identity since technically the good twin is dead, which means she will have to "fall in love" with the evil twin who's really the good twin in disguise.


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